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Although Alyce Andrece is credited as Alice #1-#250 and Rhae Andrece is credited as Alice #251-#500, this is not consistent with their appearances in the episode. For example, the final grand pageant of nonsense and illogic is attended by Alices #3 and #11 (standing side by side in the same shot with no special effects) who accordingly should both be impossibly played by the same actress.
Norman is behind Uhura and Chekov, but when Harry Mudd walks up to Spock, Norman is now behind android 2 and Spock.
When Norman knocks out the man in the control room you can see the man move over a little.
When the two Alice androids come into the room to watch the crew give their illogical performance, they are standing straight-legged until the very end when they shut down - then they instantly between shots raise their heels and show off their legs.
When Alice 3 and 11 conk out, their ID badges go off - in all other cases where the androids deactivate, the lights go on permanently
There was talk of a spinoff show centered around Harry Mudd's character, but it was never realized.

Second appearance of Harry Mudd and final live action appearance of the character, He would later reappear in "Mudd's Passion" in "Star Trek: The Animated Series".