Episode Quotes


Zefram Cochrane to the Companion: "You saved my life....you took care of me....you loved me....I never understood. I do now."
Leonard McCoy: "Maybe you're a soldier so often, that you've forgotten you're also trained to be a diplomat. Why not try a carrot instead of a stick?"
Lt. Uhura : "It's a big galaxy, Mr. Scott!"
Cochrane: "That's been happening to men and women for a long time. I've got the feeling it's one of the pleasanter things about being human, as long as you grow old together."
Nancy: "What kind of love is that? Not to be loved; never to have shown love."
Cochrane: "Immortality consists largely of boredom."
Kirk: "It is the nature of our species to be free."
McCoy: "There's nothing disgusting about it. It's just another life form, that's all. You get used to those things."
Kirk: "Our species can only survive if we have obstacles to overcome. You remove those obstacles. Without them to strengthen us, we will weaken and die."
The Companion: "This is loneliness? What a bitter thing ... it's so sad. How do you bear it, this loneliness?"
Kirk: "Not one hundred percent efficient, of course ... but nothing ever is."
Spock: "You are, after all, essentially irrational."
Kirk: "The idea of male and female are universal constants."
Kirk: "Love sometimes expresses itself in sacrifice."
Spock: "Fascinating - a totally parochial attitude."
Cochrane: "What's it like out there, in the galaxy?"
Kirk: "We're on a thousand planets and spreading out. We cross fantastic distances, and everything's alive Cochrane. Life everywhere. We estimate there are millions of planets with intelligent life. We haven't begun to map them. Interesting?"