Episode Quotes


Dr. McCoy: "Well, what do you know? I finally got the last word!"
McCoy: (after attempting a Vulcan salute ) "That hurts worse than the uniform."
Amanda: "Vulcans believe peace should not depend on force."
Spock: "Humans smile with so little provocation."
Sarek: "Tellarites do no argue for reasons; they simply argue."
Spock: "Worry is a human emotion."
Spock: "It means to adopt a philosophy, a way of life which is 
logical and beneficial. We cannot disregard that philosophy merely 
for personal gain, no matter how important that gain might be."
Sarek: "One does not thank logic."
Spock: "It would be illogical to kill without reason."
Sarek: "Offense is a human emotion."
Sarek: "Threats are illogical."
Amanda: "Oh, logic. I am so tired of hearing about your logic."
Spock: "Emotional, isn't she?"
Sarek: "She has always been that way."
Spock: "Indeed. Why did you marry her?"
Sarek: "At the time it seemed like the logical thing to do."