Episode Trivia


When Kirk orders engineering to cut both starboard and port power, the external shot of ship a moment later shows all of the external lights still on and the engines still churning. On the shots of the bridge, all the equipment is still working, so that sure wasn't much of a power shutdown.
When the Andorian stabs Kirk, it is in his right lower back. No blood is seen and later Bones says Kirk is stabbed in his left lung above the heart!
The Tellarites have boots on even though the Tellarites actually have hooves.
After Amanda leaves Spock's cabin, he goes up to the door and touches it in contemplation. How does the door know not to open?
For some reason Kirk has the mirror in his cabin at waist height. He has to squat down to adjust his uniform at the beginning of the episode. Exactly what does he look at in a mirror at that height?
First appearances of the Andorians and the Tellarites.
Although Orion Slave Girls date back to "The Cage", this is the first encounter with the Orion pirates. The Enterprise would tangle with them again in "The Pirates of Orion" on "Star Trek: The Animated Series", even though their name would be pronounced differently.