Episode Behind the Scenes


Julie Newmar, who plays Eleen, was famous for being one of the actresses to play Catwoman on "Batman". Lee Meriwether, one of the other actresses to play that role, would later appear as Losira in "That Which Survives".
Bob Bralver, who plays Grant, was one of the stunt players in the classic series as well as in "Star Trek: The Motion Picture".
Toward the end of the episode when the Capellans kill the Klingon with a Klogat, when the Klingon gets hit and falls over dead it is a totally different looking actor playing the Klingon than in the rest of the episode. A few moments later, when they show a closeup up the dead Klingon, it's back to the original actor.
During the coup attempt, one Capellan fights with the leader and gets stabbed. Before and after he is stabbed, the man's outfit changes entirely (look at the fur scarf, which goes from white to red).
In the footage of the Capellans at the beginning, one of them throws the klogat and misses a tree while hitting a nearby bush, but the tree falls over.
When Spock holds Eleen's baby it's (literally) as stiff as a board - Spock doesn't support its head at all but it stays in shape.
The first time we see the Enterprise flying (from right to left), the NCC-1701 is reversed.
Kirk shoots Kras in the leg with an arrow, but it disappears in the next camera shot.