Episode Trivia


Kirk reuses his Corbomite bluff from first season episode "The Corbomite Maneuver."
Kirk said he was going to engineering, but he went to his quarters. On the other hand, it is possible he went to the wrong place due to his rapid aging.
It seems that the strength of the plasma decreased immensely because in "Balance of Terror", two shots could destroy an outpost.
Kirk still has a mirror at waist height in his cabin (see "Journey to Babel").
Kirk switches back and forth between miles and kilometers in this episode (20,000 mile orbit, 200,000 kilometer range of destruction). Seems like switching things back and forth like that would be confusing.
The cure not only stops and reverses the aging process - it regrows hair of the proper color, smooths out skin, regenerates lost cells, etc.
Sulu references the Enterprise's previous battle with the Romulans in "Balance of Terror".
The Romulan vessels fire plasma weapons (as seen in "Balance of Terror"), but when they hit the Enterprise they become photon torpedoes.
Gamma Hydra IV would later be referenced as the Enterprise's destination during the Kobayashi Maru simulation in "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan".
First reference to hyronalin, a treatment for radiation sickness, which would be used often in "Star Trek: The Next Generation".
An old Dr. McCoy would later been seen in "Encounter at Farpoint", the pilot episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation".
Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Dr. McCoy would later undergo rapid aging again in the "Star Trek: The Animated Series" episode "The Lorelei Signal".