Episode Trivia


The Farragut was also the name of one of the ships that picked up the survivors of the Enterprise-D crash in "Star Trek: Generations".
Lt. Leslie, one of the security guards who appears in a number of episodes, is seen lying on the ground having been attacked by the creature - yet he comes back later, in "The Ultimate Computer," for one. It's not totally impossible, maybe he was one of the ones in "critical condition" and managed to pull through, but it seems awfully callous that he'd be one of those "killed off."
Ensign Garrovick describes a gaseous creature as being "several cubic meters" in size, but his distance as "about twenty feet away". These discrepancies continue through all the Star Trek series and movies.
Eddie Paskey, who had played the character of Lieutenant Leslie in numerous episodes, meets his demise at the hands of the cloud vampire. However, the character still reappears in episodes after this one.
Dr. McCoy's medical tunic had an engineering patch on it instead of the sciences patch is should have.