Episode Behind the Scenes


This has proven to be one of the most parodied episodes in the entire series, including one done by "The Simpsons" in the episode "Deep Space Homer" where Homer Simpson fights Barney Gumbel in the Triskelion arena with one of the NASA scientists betting quatloos on the outcome, complete with the "Star Trek Fight Music".
The conversation between Kirk and Shana about love and "flickers of light" would later be parodied, almost word for word in the "South Park" episode "Hooked on Monkey Fonics", complete with the "Star Trek Love Music".

At one point during the final battle, the Andorian fighting Kirk falls over and the actor's normal human pink skin can be seen as his shirt rides up his back.
After being transported to Triskelion, Kirk makes a log entry. With what does he make the recording?
At the end of Kirk's first fight scene (one-on-one when he was getting whipped), he had a nasty face gash on his right cheek, but in the following scene and thereafter there are only the scars on his back and chest.
Near the end of the scene where Kirk must face three thralls, an Andorian loses his chief weapon and draws a knife. He tries an overhand stab at Kirk. Trained knife fighters do not use the weapon this way; it leaves your torso wide open, as the episode shows. One might reasonably expect a thrall to be trained with knives.
For not knowing anything about the concept of "kissing," Shahna reacts just like a normal human would (closes eyes, leans forward, drops her jaw).
Kirk's all over the different colors in the final battle, although the stated rules state that someone leaving their designated color will lose a weapon.
Kirk, Checkov, Uhura refuse to beat up on a "Practice Target." and are seemingly willing to give their lives in order to hold on to their moral beliefs. However at the conclusion of the episode Kirk has no problem making a wager with the Providers that involves a fight to the death, where he subsequently kills Lars and Kloog.
The reactor matte painting in The Provider's underground chamber was previously used as the Janus VI pergium facility in "The Devil in the Dark" among other things.