Episode Quotes


Chekov: "Oh, uh-- pleased to know you.....Miss?"

Spock : "Gentlemen-- I am in command of this vessel and we shall continue 
on our present course, unless.... it is your intention to declare 
a mutiny."

Kirk: "We're free people. We belong to no one."
Kirk: "A species that enslaves other beings is hardly superior -- 
mentally or otherwise."

Kirk: "It's the custom of my people to help one another when we're 
in trouble."

Kirk: "Three against one ... Those are pretty high odds."
Provider 1: "Not for true gamesters, Captain."
Tamoon: "It is a nice name -- Chee-koof."
Ensign Haines: "Can people live that long as disassembled atoms in 
a transporter beam? "
Spock: "I have never heard of a study being done, but it would be a 
fascinating project."
Spock: "I would welcome a suggestion, Doctor, even an emotional 
one, as to where to look."
McCoy: "First time you've ever asked me for anything, and it has to 
be an occasion like this."
Kirk: "You're terms are unfair!"
Provider 1: "On the contrary, they are extremely fair, since your 
alternative is death."
Scotty: "What in the name of heaven is this?"
McCoy: "Heaven's got very little to do with this..."
McCoy: "If you're going into the lion's den, you'll need a medical 
Spock: "Daniel, as I recall, had only his faith. But I welcome your 
company, Doctor."
Kirk: (after punching Shawna) "This is going to kill our romance..."