Episode Behind the Scenes


The Mugato was originally called a "Gumato" and is so credited in the end credits, however, William Shatner mispronounced is as "Mugato." The director liked it better and the name stuck.
Scotty said that the first firearm that the inhabitants would develop was the flintlock rifle. Actually the first firearm they should have developed would be the matchlock.
Right after Spock is shot, the trio beam back up to the ship. During transport the equipment next to McCoy disapears but it doesn't have the glitter effect that usually appears.
After Nora heals Kirk and lays down, you can see that she's wearing pumps.
The Mugato leaves the same footprints as the White Rabbit in the episode "Shore Leave" (they used the same footage). There's the same problem here, too - the footprints are parallel to each other, which only makes sense if the Mugato is hopping rather then walking.
More sound-dubbing - when the villagers shoot at Kirk, McCoy, and Tyree, there's a powder-burst or two near them at the end but no richochet noise. ivia
They forget to dub in the communicator beep at the end - Kirk and McCoy are talking and suddenly they both "react" and McCoy pulls his communicator out, even though there is no signal-beep.