Episode Quotes


McCoy : "Well, Jim, here's another morsel of agony for you: since Tyree 
won't fight, he will be one of the first to die."

Apella: "I thought my people would grow tired of killing. But you 
were right, they see it is easier than trading. And it has its 
pleasures. I feel it myself. Like the hunt, but with richer 

Kirk: "We once were as you are. Spears and arrows. There came a 
time when our weapons grew faster than our wisdom, and we almost 
destroyed ourselves. We learned from this to make a rule during 
all our travels never to cause the same to happen to other 
worlds... just as a man must grow in his own way and his own time."
Kirk: "War isn't a good life, but it's life."

Kirk: "The only solution is...a balance of power. We arm our side 
with exactly that much more. A balance of power... the trickiest, 
most difficult, dirtiest game of them all. But the only one that 
preserves both sides."

Kirk: "We are wise enough to know we are wise enough not to 
interfere with the way of a man or another world."
Nona: "There is an old custom among my people. When a woman saves a 
man's life, he is grateful."