Episode Quotes


Eneg: "Punishment becomes ineffective after a certain point. Men become insensitive."

John Gill: "Even historians fail to learn from history -- they repeat the same mistakes."

Announcer: "The Fuhrer's headquarters reports repulsing an attack by Zeon spacecraft. Our missiles utterly destroyed the enemy."
Kirk: "You look quite well...for a man who's been utterly destroyed, Mr. Spock."
Kirk: "Kirk to Enterprise. What's happening there?"
Uhura: "Dr. McCoy's having difficulty with that uniform."
Kirk: "Send him naked if you have to. Kirk out."

Spock: "It also proves another Earth saying -- "Absolute power corrupts absolutely"."
McCoy: "Darn clever, these Earthmen, wouldn't you say?"
Spock: "Yes. Earthmen like Ramses, Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler, Lee Kuan. Your whole Earth history is made up of men seeking absolute power."
McCoy: "Spock, you obviously --"
Spock: "Obviously, Doctor, you fail to --"
Kirk: "Gentlemen. We've been through one civil war. Let's not start another."

Spock: "Captain, I'm beginning to understand why you Earthmen enjoy gambling. No matter how carefully one computes the odds of
success, there's still a certain exhilaration in the risk."
Kirk: "Very good. We may make a human of you yet."
Spock: "I hope not."