Episode Quotes


Kelinda: "Oh - you are trying to seduce me."

Hanar: "I see no reason to refer to yourself in the plural!" 

Rojan: "We do not colonize. We conquer. We rule. There is no other 
way for us."
Kirk: "Being human does have certain advantages -- being able to 
appreciate the beauty of a flower, of a woman."

Kirk: "You thought I was taking your woman away from you. You're 
jealous. You tried to kill me with your bare hands. Would a Kelvan 
do that? Would he have to? You're reacting with the emotions of a 
human. You are human."

Spock: "Humans are very peculiar. I often find them unfathomable, 
but an interesting psychological study."
Rojan: "These shells in which we have encased ourselves -- they 
have such heightened senses. To feel, to hear, to smell. How do 
humans manage to exist in these fragile cases?"
Rojan: "At least we'll be away from all this openness. No, this is 
too strange for us. We are creatures of outer space. Soon, we will 
be safe in the comforting closeness of walls."
Rojan: "Captain, we can control the Federation as easily as we can 
control you. The fate of the inferior in any galaxy."
Kelinda: "This business of love...you have devoted much literature
to it. Why do you build such a mystique around a simple biological
Kirk: "We enjoy it!"
Scotty: "I found this on Ganyroom... uh Ganymede."
Tomar: "What is it?"
Scotty: "It's...um, green."