Episode Behind the Scenes


Morgan Woodward had previously played Dr. Simon van Gelder in "Dagger of the Mind".
During the final meeting of the Yangs with the flag and all, people in the background are speaking Chinese although there are no Comms present.
Cloud William opens the Bible nowhere near the bookmark, but the bookmark is at the opened spot in the close-ups. When he closes it the bookmarks moves to a different spot again.
After they enter with the flag and Kirk stands, at least three subsequent close-ups still have him sitting. Finally they catch up and the close-ups show him standing.
When Kirk and the landing party beamed about the Exeter's engineering section, when Kirk was speaking on the ship-wide intercom, on the screen, empty rooms were showed and even the engineering section was shown empty, but Kirk and the landing party were in the engineering section.
Just before the Yangs enter with the flag, Kirk's hair is parted on the wrong side because of the director flipping the shot.