Episode Trivia


Why does the Enterprise security leave Seven with his pen-device? Even if it's disguised as a 20th century pen, you'd think they take away anything from the prisoner that might be used as a weapon or tool.
Why don't they just shoot down the warhead from the Enterprise? It seems likely Scotty or Sulu could make it look like an accident.
Spock claims that history is unchanged at the end of the episode according to the library tapes - how would he know? If history changed, the tapes would change too. And unlike in "City on the Edge of Forever", there's no Guardian around to keep people from being influenced by an altered timeline.
Why is Seven immune to Spock's neck pinch? McCoy examines Seven later and determines he is basically human. Phaser stun affects Seven normally, so why wouldn't Spock's pinch, which basically just manipulates the nerves to stun/knock out a human? If Seven has some kind of physical alteration (even though McCoy's dialogue suggests he doesn't), wouldn't his immunity work against both?