Episode Trivia


An entire scene is devoted to discussing which of three planets to send the landing party to search for Spock's brain. But there are hundreds of people aboard the Enterprise. Kirk could conceivably send a hundred searchers to each planet and still have more than enough personnel for a skeleton crew to run the ship.
As McCoy tries to reconnect Spock's vocal chords, Spock himself tells the doctor to "finish reconnecting my speech center" so he can help out. But given that he just manages to say that, there doesn't seem to be much, if anything, left in that area to reconnect.
Kirk orders phasers on stun when they enter the caves because he wants them conscious. However, "stun" doesn't typically leave its victims conscious.
Before beaming down to the planet, Kirk mistakenly says the stardate is 4351.5 instead of 5431.5.
After deciding to go to the Sigma Draconis system, Kirk orders Sulu to take them there at "maximum speed". Sulu acknowledges the order with "Warp Six", but the Enterprise's maximum speed is Warp Eight on the 2260s scale.
While discussing Spock's missing brain in sickbay, McCoy says he doesn't know how long Spock can survive without his brain, but only a few seconds later, he randomly puts a 24-hour time limit on restoring the brain to Spock's body. Does he know how long Spock has or not?
When they arrived in the system they said they were heading for the sixth planet in the system of Sigma Draconis, but in his captain's log about halfway through the episode, Kirk calls it Sigma Draconis VII.
Kirk, McCoy, and Scotty manage to sit upright in those teeny little low-backed chairs despite the fact they're unconscious.
Mr. Spock's coveralls were previously worn in "This Side of Paradise".