Episode Behind the Scenes


Most of the outdoor scenes were done with voice-overs due to too much background noise during filming, but the voice-overs at the beginning of the epiosde on the surface of the planet are very obvious and poorly done. Budget restrictions, no doubt.
It seems odd that McCoy isn't able to help Mirimani after she gets hurt by some flying rocks. They were able to save Spock when he got shot in "A Private Little War", he saved Kirk when he got stabbed in "Journey to Babel" and modern medicine even saved Capt. Pike, who got totatlly mutilated from radiation. With all their advanced medical abilities they can't stop some internal bleeding from getting hit with rocks? I guess the real reason for it was that the couldn't end the episode with Kirk having a kid on some planet, but at least they could have had her die from a more believable cause.
When Kirk heads for the monolith as the storm whips up, in some shots the sky is a clear blue and the nearby lake's surface is perfectly calm.
When Spocks orders the phasers to fire, they shoot outward from the ship at an angle from each other, but when they hit the asteroid they converge at a single point.

Naomi Pollack, who plays an Indian woman, would later play Lieutenant Rahda in "That Which Survives".