Episode Trivia


When Mirimani takes the medicine badge off of Salish and puts in on Kirk, take note of the space age elastic band that the badge is tied to.
Unavoidable, but Kirk uses good old-fashioned 60's mouth-to-mouth rather then the more modern (20th century) CPR technique to revive the boy.
When Kirk and Miramanee are sitting on the ground and she is telling him that she is pregnant, a fly steals the scene by landing on Shatner's forehead and remaining there for several seconds.
Since the warp drive is out, and Scotty claims he can't repair it in space, how are they ever going to get back to a starbase at impulse speed? If the nearest base is four light years away, it's going to take them four years. It takes them two months just to get back to the planet. Presumably they're going to send out a distress call and get a tow, but then why doesn't the tow ship show up in the two months it takes them to get to the planet?
The idea that Starfleet goes around preventing natural disaster on unaffiliated planets whose people don't know of the Federation seems a little odd - at the very least it would seem to be a violation of the Prime Directive (at least as they explain it later in Next Generation episodes like "Pen Pals")
Once its power circuits burn out and the phasers are useless, why doesn't Spock try and use the photon torpedos?