Episode Trivia


Maybe the whole thing is some weird test, but if the Melkotians' whole illusion thing can be disspelled by disbelief of the setting's realism...why is the whole thing so... unrealistic? Buildings have no wall, physical laws don't apply, etc. You'd think the Melkotians would want to make the setting as realistic as possible so the Enterprise people wouldn't disbelieve it and prevent their execution.
Scotty does not want to drink Scotch, but Bourbon, because that's the only thing he gets at the bar.
For the first and only time in the series, Kirk refers to the ship's phasers (when he orders an attack on the Melkotian buoy) as "phaser guns."
The Melkotians are probably only testing Kirk and his crew and not want to really execute them. Probably that's why they create an unrealistic (actually quite surrealistic) setting, helping a bit to them finding out the solution.
Spock tells Kirk not to move his hands near his guns when Morgan Earp confronts him - Kirk does so anyway.