Episode Trivia


When Kirk first encounters Deela on the bridge, Scotty was standing up looking into a scanner when the crew slowed down. Even though the crew is moving very slow, he could not have sat back down in the short amount of time when the shot snapped back to Deela standing next to his station.
In one of the shots where Spock, McCoy, and Nurse Chapel are standing together and supposed to be frozen, you can see Spock nod his head.
Kirk fires the phaser at Deela and she easily dodges the beam. But why didn't the bridge crew see the phaser shot? The phaser wasn't accelerated in time - otherwise the shot would have hit Deela.
The time compression throughout the episode is inconsistent. When Kirk and Deela are in his cabin, the Enterprise crew have time to review the tapes from the planet surface, for McCoy to come up to the bridge, to figure out the contents of the tape, and for Scotty to return to the transporter room. This means about half an hour of real time equals at most a few hours of Scalosian time. Yet at the end, Spock is able to affect hours of repairs on the ship in only seconds.
McCoy develops an antidote to the water. So why don't they offer the antidote to the Scalosians? There are only a few of them left and they'd like to be normal again, but Kirk and Spock don't say one word to them about the antidote. And while it's true that Deela says that others have died before when making the attempt to return to normal speed, obviously McCoy and Spock have found a solution that doesn't result in death.
Another amazing discovery that no one ever remembers. As long as someone was careful, they could bring along some Scalosian water, drink some, superspeed around to make superfast ship repairs or do surgery whatever, then take the antidote.
To be invisible, a Scalosian can't stand still for more then 1/60th of a second, so they have to be at least that fast. Later Kirk talks with Deela for about 7 minutes in the transporter room when Scotty takes one step for about half a second. So the Scalosians move about 840 times as fast as a normal human. So...it takes them eight hours (28,800 seconds) to install the deep freeze. That only 34 seconds of normal time for the Enterprise crew. A lot more time then that passes for them!
How do the Scalosians beam aboard the Enterprise without anyone noticing them? They'd have to stand still and be frozen in the transporter beam for a considerable period of time. They have to move to be too fast to be seen.
Mr. Spock sends Mr. Scott to the transporter room. While Mr. Scott is en route, Mr. Spock drinks the water to speed up to Scalosian time. Meanwhile, Mr. Scott is stuck in normal time just outside the transporter room. When Kirk comes back to normal time and encounters Scotty, Mr. Scott asks if Spock is on his way back too. How did Scotty know that Spock had joined Kirk in Scalosian time?