Episode Behind the Scenes


Watch after one of the briefings when Kirk heads for the bridge. The briefing room door opens and an extra is standing outside, stock still, then immediately "unfreezes" and starts walking - apparently the extra missed his cue.
Kirk orders Sulu to evade the Zetars by turning to starboard and the creatures drift off the screen to the left. But then they come back on to the screen from the left, which doesn't make sense unless they circled all the way around the ship. Then Sulu turns the ship to port and the same thing happens, screwed, up in reverse.
What's the point of making Romaine weightless in the pressure chamber? They exist in a vaccuum and McCoy and Spock both say they're getting stronger now that Romaine is weightless - so why do they just leave her floating there?
Scotty discusses Romaine's visions with the crew and says she foresaw the first attack on the ship - she never said anything about the first attack to him previously (a cut scene, perhaps?).

Final appearance of Lieutenant Kyle, the transporter operator. The character would later reappear in the "Star Trek: The Animated Series" episode "Beyond the Farthest Star", although he'd be voiced by James Doohan. John Winston wouldn't return to the role until "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan".