Episode Behind the Scenes


No one in the cast and crew expected this to be the final episode, in fact, a number of story ideas had already been thrown around for the fourth season, such as the introduction of Dr. McCoy's daughter Joanna and a follow-up to "The Trouble With Tribbles." (Both became elements of "Star Trek: The Animated Series.) NBC cancelled the show shortly before summer hiatus due to the low ratings. Even though the show did not have the 100 episodes required for syndication, Paramount sold it as such anyway, where it usually enjoyed much better timeslots than it did during its first-run. Popularity for the show mounted and mounted, eventually resulting in the first "Star Trek" conventions, "Star Trek: The Animated Series", "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" and its nine sequels, and "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and its four spin-offs.
When Lester-as-Kirk sits in the captain's chair, Chekov vanishes/reappears in different shots of the bridge.