The Cage Main Characters



PLAYED BY: Jeffrey Hunter

At Pike's reluctant command, the Enterprise diverted and traced the signal to the crash site on Talos IV. After an initial encounter with supposed survivors, including an out-of-place young beauty named Vina, it was revealed that the native Talosians had used telepathy to create the illusion of an encampment; all the survivors except Vina were dead.

Pike was overpowered and kidnapped, and placed in a Talosian zoo where they attempted to get him to mate with Vina to create a population of illusion-controlled Human servants. They forced Pike to relive old memories and placed him in illusionary scenarios of lives he could have if he abandoned his career as a starship captain. The scenarios including reliving the fight on Rigel VII, a picnic on Earth with his favorite horse Tango, and an illusory day in the life of an Orion slave-trader dealing in green animal women. When Pike refused to mate with Vina, the Talosians began to take steps to convince Pike to breed with other females of his crew; to this end, Yeoman J.M. Colt and Pike's first officer, Number One, were captured.

Pike managed to escape; after a standoff, he convinced the Talosians to restore the disfigured Vina's illusion of health and beauty while letting the Humans of Pike's crew free. The Talosians believed this violent reaction made Humans unsuitable for breeding and agreed. Although the experience with the illusory worlds restored Pike's confidence in his command, it was recommended that all contact with the Talosians' powers be restricted. General Order 7 was enacted, threatening the death penalty should any travel there, for fear of the Federation falling to illusory indulgence.


PLAYED BY: Majel Barrett-Roddenberry
SPECIES: Human Female

In 2254, when Captain Pike was kidnapped by the Talosians, Number One led the effort to rescue him, first by unsuccessfully attempting to use a laser cannon to blast open an entry to a Talosian underground lair where Pike was being held, and then by using the transporter in an attempt to infiltrate this layer. Number One was subsequently kidnapped, along with Yeoman Colt, for the purpose of providing Pike with a mate with whom he could procreate. In response to this, Number One set her laser pistol to overload, telling the Talosian Keeper that it was wrong to keep a colony of Humans as slaves, and that they would rather die. This, combined with an examination of the Enterprise's historical records, convinced the Talosians that Humans' unique hatred of captivity made them nonviable subjects, and they were subsequently allowed to return to the Enterprise.


PLAYED BY: Leonard Nimoy
SPECIES: Vulcan Male

As a science officer under the command of Captain Christopher Pike, Spock was wounded in the leg when Pike's landing party was attacked on Rigel VII in 2254. As the ship proceeded to the Vega colony for medical care, a radio wave distress call forced Pike to divert the ship to Talos IV. Still limping, Spock joined a landing party that transported to the barren surface of the planet, where Pike was captured by Talosians; he was the first of the ship's crew to realize that the Talosians had powerful illusory abilities. Spock's final report, along with Pike's, recommended a ban on visitation to the planet. The judgment was endorsed by Starfleet's General Order 7.


PLAYED BY: John Hoyt
SPECIES: Human Male

Boyce was an acerbic realist who did not hesitate to tell Captain Pike when he thought Pike was wrong. He was known to carry a portable martini kit with him, reasoning that, "sometimes a man will tell his bartender things he'll never tell his doctor." In this capacity, Boyce counseled Pike to remain in the service when Pike confided in him that he was considering retiring. Boyce realized that Pike's sentiment was stemming from a recent incident on Rigel VII in which three Enterprise crewmembers, including Pike's yeoman, were killed, an incident on which Pike blamed his own complacency.


PLAYED BY: Peter Duryea
SPECIES: Human Male

Josť Tyler was a Starfleet officer who served as navigator aboard the USS Enterprise, under the command of Captain Christopher Pike, in 2254.

In that year, Tyler was one of a number of Enterprise crewmembers injured during a battle on planet Rigel VII. After the incident, Captain Pike ordered the Enterprise to Vega colony in order to replace any crewmembers who required hospitalization. En route, however, the crew detected a distress signal from the SS Columbia, an Earth vessel which had disappeared in the Talos star group eighteen years previously. Arriving at Talos IV to investigate, Tyler was amongst the Enterprise crewmembers to be included in the landing party. Later, when it became clear that the distress signal was an elaborate trap set up by the Talosians in an effort to capture Captain Pike, Tyler participated in the unsuccessful attempts to rescue him.


PLAYED BY: Adam Roarke
SPECIES: Human Male

Garison served as the communications officer when the Enterprise intercepted the distress call from the SS Columbia.

He was among all of the Talos IV landing parties, where he carried a large radio backpack. He was among the initial landing party that discovered the illusory Columbia camp, then later during Number One's failed attempt to use a laser cannon to shear off the rock-face to gain entry into the Talosian's underground settlement. He as also to join the third party, which was attempting to transport into the Talosian's underground settlement, but was prevented by the Talosians, who only allowed the transport of Number One and J.M. Colt.


PLAYED BY: Laurel Goodwin

When Pike was captured by the Talosians, Colt was one of six crewmembers who volunteered to beam into the Talosians' underground city to rescue him. In fact, the Talosians had read Colt's attraction to Pike and manipulated events so that only she and "Number One" transported down. All three Enterprise crewmembers escaped the Talosians alive and uninjured.